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Du kanske inte trott att 3D-världen är något för dig, men du kanske skulle bli förvånad. Det finns faktiskt massor av saker man kan göra även om man inte är "datanörd". Man kan lyssna på musik, antingen på en DJ med sina favoritlåtar eller faktiskt lyssna på livekonserter. 3D-världen är som den vanliga. En del är bra och en del är inte det. Man kan också utforska spännande regioner. En del är utformade efter skaparens fantasi och en del är byggda efter historiska eller nutida förebilder. En del regioner har ett pedagogiskt fokus. Man kan också gå på kontstgalleri eller fotoutställningar. Har du redan lärt känna personer som finns i 3D-världen eller vill lära känna nya, kanske några i en annan del av världen, är det ett trevligt sätt att chatta.

Här kommer vi att visa ett exempel på hur du enkelt (och gratis) kan börja med 3D-världar.

1) Ladda sidan Craft world i webbläsaren.


2) Klicka på: Register an avatar

Där väljer du ett för- och ett efternamn på din avatar, lösenord, kontaktepost och vilket kön du vill ha på din avatar. Du bör inte välja ditt riktiga namn. Tänk på att välja ett namn som du kanske vill ha kvar länge.


3) Nu finns du i 3D-världen, men för att komma dit behöver du en viewer. På Craft worlds sida, klicka på How to start,  hittar du länkar för nedladdning av olika viewers. Välj en av dem. Firestorm brukar vara populär. Själva brukar vi använda Singularity, som verkar passa oss bäst. Ladda ner och installera den.

ladda ner

4) Logga in med din nya avatar i den startade viewern. Välj Craft World som Grid. Den brukar finnas att välja. Gör den inte det välj grid manager/configurator och lägg in uppgifterna enligt ovanstående bild.

logga in

5) Nu är du en avatar i en 3D-värld och du kan börja utforska. Kanske kan du komma att hälsa på mig :)


Jag finns i Luna Fiori och heter Olive Tor där. Kom gärna och säg hej.
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I made my own newspaper about 3D worlds, the internet, technology and a bit of science. If you’re interested you’ll find it here.

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I’m Misabel (Starr), Lila (Mill)’s/Olive (Tor)’s real life sister. We found this meme on Daniel Voyager’s blog and thought it would be fun to do it here.

Here are my answers (in blue) to the 15 questions:

  1. Have you ever owned a sim in Second Life? No, but my sister Lila and I have owned a few parcels over the years.
  2. Have you ever created content in Second Life? Short answer no. Longer answer: sort of (socks, underwear, of the newbie kind). I have also modified certain modifiable objects to get the color I like in a garment.
  3. Have you ever driven a vehicle in Second Life? I guess I’ll say no, but I might have at some point. If so I don’t remember.
  4. Have you ever gone sky diving in Second Life? No, not actually sky diving but I have occasionally fallen from sky boxes.
  5. Have you ever played a sport in Second Life? I think I might have skated once, possibly even skied, but again, I’m not entirely sure.
  6. Have you ever gone clubbing in Second Life? Yes, after exploring, going to music events is my favorite activity.
  7. Have you ever fangirled/fanboyed someone in Second Life? No, I haven’t.
  8. Have you ever taken a picture of your avatar in water in Second Life? No.
  9. Have you ever taken a picture of a sunset in Second Life? Yes, many times. Or at least taken pictures against the backdrop of a Second Life sunset.
  10. Have you ever taken a nude picture of your avatar in Second Life? No.
  11. Have you ever dated in Second Life? No.
  12. Have you ever had or attended a wedding in Second Life? No.
  13. Have you ever drank, smoked or taken drugs in Second Life? If we’re talking alcoholic (virtual) drinks, then no, but I have had other beverages.
  14. Have you ever engaged in sexual activity in Second Life? No.
  15. Have you ever been to Bukkake Bliss in Second Life? No. Never heard of it, actually.

Meme Instructions: Copy and paste the following questions and answers to your post, delete my answers and input your own. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments so others can come by and read your answers as well!

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Tea set

Tree and flowers

Ruin and tree

Tree and ruin

Cherry tree

Blue flowers

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Russell reading
 Lila 1
 Lila 2
Blue mushrooms
 Misabel 1
 Misabel 2
 Red mushroom 1
 Red mushroom 2
 Christmas tree 1
 Christmas tree 2
 Russell reading poetry
Under the moon
Building and trees
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Hen house
Chicken coop
Lila Skating
Relaxing in the snow
Cat on a barrel
HIghland cattle
Highland cattle 2
Wood animals
Horses 2
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Pile of books:
Armchair 1
Armchair 2
Armchair 3
Christmas tree
Standing cat
Cat in box
Knitted teddy bear
Cat by the stove
Book on floor
Books on floor
School room
Wood tree
Standing cat in window
Fireplace with stockings
Teddy bear by the tree
Toy box
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The human adventure is just beginning | Living in the Modem World

Friday, December 5th marked what will hopefully be the first genuine step humans take in exploring the high frontier of space without total reliance upon robot vehicles.

Read more here.

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fairphoneAs a potential phone buyer, you’re never short of negative articles about the iPhone. Apple is a company that people in general love to hate. Even though I’m sure many of the articles are true, I’m just as sure that the articles could just as well have been about other phones. After all, most phones, regardless of brands, are made in the same factories.

And until now, you haven’t been able to buy a phone that doesn’t come with many negative issues regarding how it’s produced, the material used and how the workers are treated. No phone owner (until now) has had a completely clear conscience. It doesn’t matter if you’re using iOS or Android. The producers are using the same materials, the same suppliers and are treating their workers the same.

Since it hasn’t been possible to buy a fair phone, I’ve used iPhones (and a HTC) because it came down to two choices. Either living off grid with no phone or using “the best one” available. I have to admit, I love iPhones (and HTCs ). So until now, I’ve had a HTC Desire C and an iPhone 4s and I’ve been really happy with them. There’s just been one problem – a big one. I didn’t like how they were produced.

So my latest phone is a Fairphone, this wonderful little gadget that “has everything” you can wish for. The company is treating the workers better than any other phone company. The materials used for producing it are the best available for the environment. I’m starting to get used to the Android OS. It’s actually pretty cool. Of course I still miss my iPhone and the iOS. There are still things I can’t do with my Fairphone, but what I can do is pretty awesome. The best thing about it (apart from the obvious) is that because of the dual sim, I can actually manage with only one phone.

Many thanks to the Fairphone team for helping me keep my conscience clear and still get some of the “good stuff” in life.

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Some time ago, when I was still unemployed, I tried to keep busy taking small assignments like creating websites. One time I got a bigger job to make some templates for an organization. Some of the templates were for Word. Being an Apple fangirl, I don’t care much for Microsoft. I love Pages and when I need a simple word processor I have a couple of free office suites I can use.

I wasn’t going to pay for the whole Office package so I downloaded the trial version. It was for 30 days and that would be enough for the job. I finished the job and got paid for it. A while after I started to get strange withdrawals from my PayPal account. The company that took my money was Microsoft. I tried to contact PayPal, but they just told me to contact Microsoft. It was out of their hands since I had “signed an agreement” with the company.

I didn’t have any contact information with this branch of Microsoft, since I had never signed anything. I had even stopped using the trial after I had finished the job. Still the withdrawals from my account continued. One day, a VAT invoice came in my mail. Not in my email inbox, but in paper form. The name of the one that had entered into the agreement with Microsoft was one of my Second Life avatars. This avatar, no matter how real I sometime feel that she is, is not a real person. Microsoft obviously thinks she is, but I’m sure no law would support that belief.

With that paper, scanned and emailed, to PayPal, I thought I would have a chance to stop the payments. They got back to me pretty fast. Their reply was strange. Although, they still claimed that everything was right and that we had an agreement, they would be kind enough to pay back the money that was withdrawn from my account. They did, not all, but some of it, so I stopped arguing with them.

I am just wondering what will happen next time my avatar wants to buy something, perhaps something even more expensive, will I be able to stop it? It’s obviously legal to enter inte agreements with digital personas without the owner’s knowledge about it. Or perhaps it’s just Microsoft that claims that right.

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Second Life:

My name is Lila Mill. I’ve been around since 2006 when I entered the magical world of Second Life for the first time. A lot of things has changed since that first time I set foot there and met all those amazing people now long gone. Second Life has a way of wearing people out. Either you stick it out and let Second Life change you, mold you into something else or you just move on. I tried the molding part, but that didn’t work, so I moved on. SL still has a special place in my heart because of all the memories, but 2013 was the year when I finally realized that my SL doesn’t exist anymore. Sometimes I wonder if it ever did. That I was just moving through it in a dreamlike state, imagining it to be something it isn’t.

Second Life was built by it’s residents. Everyone helped building that first and biggest world. We learned that we owned what we built and that we could use the money within SL and outside it. SL wouldn’t be what it is today without its residents. Now the Lindens say we don’t own what we create. We just contribute with money and the things we’ve built are theirs to use as they please. These days all the contributors can do is work for the Lindens and pay them for working for them. In other words: The Lindens retain the ownership of the content providers’ creative work. I’ll say no more. Time to move on.


Sometimes a lot changes and sometimes it’s just the opposite. I moved to InWorldz a couple of years ago. A friend of mine, that I have known since that first time in 2006 in SL wanted out from SL. He had owned land there almost from the beginning and I’d been with him from that first time when he started to build there. When he moved to IW, I moved with him. He’d had parties on his land almost from the beginning, first pool parties and then Salsa parties. He continued with these parties, the Salsa ones, in IW. We are a group of people who have been meeting for years, every Sunday, at the same time, the garden looking the same, same avatars, everything is the same. It’s fun, but nothing really changes. Sometimes change is a good thing, but at other times stability feels safe. I know what I’ll be doing every Sunday, between 8 and 10 pm. I know who I will be talking to.


“Lila” has never been to Metropolis, but “Olive Tor” has. She’s been around since 2008, I think. She created her own world with the technology of the time. She looked just as basic as “Lila”did that time when I first entered SL. Ever since that day, there’s been an Olive Tor and she also joined Metropolis where she’s found a lot of new friends. They were just as amazing as those I met in SL all those years ago and because of that, it felt natural to join Metropolis where the cool kids live.


Olive is the builder in the family, she builds worlds and she creates outfits. This year she also created our home – Avatarland. She filled the world with fantastic things, built houses and buildings and decorated it with flowers and trees. This is a place for us to relax and to create. The first part of the year we were allowed to spend a lot of time there, but after the summer that RL alt started to make trouble. She demanded more and more time which was good of course, but our world suffered. Something is wrong with our home world and she didn’t have time to work with Olive to fix it.

Real Life:

Our RL alt Gabriella had been unemployed for years. Suddenly and out of the blue she got a job that consumed most of her time. She didn’t have time to play with us anymore. So much changed for her this year. She started this new job, she got her license and she even got her first car. Apart from that she started on a couple of projects that she has no idea if they will work out. One the projects is purely for her own sake in her RL, but the other will affect us all. If that part works out, we’ll have a new playground which we all look forward to.

My hopes and wishes for 2014

I wish that Gabriella’s both projects will work out and that she’ll have more time for us. She and Olive must fix the problems with Avatarland and hopefully we will all have more time to blog, to explore and to share our experiences on the Avatarland website.

We all wish you a Happy New 2014, and that this year will be the best ever. That’s what we hope for us and for all of you.

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Have you experienced something you couldn't explain? Do you believe in ghosts? I don't, not really, but still...

The floor is creaking slightly. I look around to see if someone is behind me, but I can't see anyone. Even though I'm used to it by now, I stand up and look around in the empty library. Yes it's empty despite the fact that I can hear the faint sound of footsteps. Or am I only imagining things?

Could someone be hiding behind one of the bookshelves? I shrug and decide to go back to what I was doing. It's one of the calmer days.

Knowing that there are no such things as ghosts, I still check the position of the rocking chair when I come to work and when I'm leaving. Today is no different, it’s moved again, not much, only enough for me to notice. Who's been using it? No one knows.

The presence, if there is one, isn’t threatening or scary. We're sharing the library and if he, I get the feeling it's a he, isn't complaining, why should I?
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If you post them on a site, please give me credit for them. They are for personal use, not commercial.

You'll find the cards here: Growing Love, Puzzle Love, Valentine and Hearts


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